Maskilo M10 Air welding helmet complete set

Maskilo M10 Air welding helmet complete set

600 001 Maskilo M10 Air DIN 10 + CleanAir Basic 2000 DF

624 € incl. VAT

Producer: Evermatic

Maskilo M10 Air is a versatile welding helmet with respiratory protection. Positive pressure maintained inside the helmet effectively prevents harmful particles from entering the breathing zone. The helmet protects the wearer against particulates such as solid and liqiud aerosols, welding fumes and dust.

Maskilo M10 Air comes fully assembled, complete with an air duct and seal kit. The assembly is lightweight and durable.

Maskilo M10 Air is based on the Maskilo welding helmet.

  • Filter size: 90x110 mm
  • Filter shade: DIN 10


Complete set includes: welding helmet Maskilo M10 Air, PAPR unit, battery, charger, hose, support belt.

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