NAHKIS welding mask without a neck protector

NAHKIS welding mask without a neck protector

145 002 Narrow places' welding mask Nahkis (without a neck protector)

86,40 € incl. VAT

Producer: Evermatic

Nahkis has been designed especially for narrow places where it isn't possible to work with a traditional welding mask.

We have received very good feedback on narrow place's welding mask Nahkis from for example car repair shops, installation companies and industry maintenance.

The material of which Nahkis is made of is genuine leather and that's why it's very breathing and it fits well on the user's head's shapes.

Nahkis protects the welder's whole head area effectively from sparks and spatters.


  • Welding glass' size 60x110mm, darkness DIN 9
  • Gradually opening glass shutter that can be used in peeking position
  • Made of genuine leather
  • CE / EN 175 approved

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