• Evermatic
  • CleanAir Omnira Combi air
  • Optrel Crystal 2.0
  • Unimask
  • Rhinoweld
  • welding set

    Perfect view during welding thanks to world-leading ADF technology from Optrel

    On stock

    852 €

    710 € excl. VAT


    The most innovative and ergonomical helmet to date

    On stock

    888 €

    740 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-20 Grand DS

    Welding helmet CA-20 represents the combination of high level optical quality 1/1/1/1 and the highest class of respiratory protection TH3

    On stock

    804 €

    670 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-20 Grand GDS

    Welding helmet CA-20 represents the combination of high level optical quality 1/1/1/1 and the highest class of respiratory protection TH3

    On stock

    876 €

    730 € excl. VAT

  • AerTEC CA-27 YOGA inc. air distribution

    A new welding helmet with built-in air distribution system and high-quality auto-darkening filter AerTEC® X100. In combination with powered air purifying respirators or airline systems CleanAIR®, CA-27 provides an advanced level of protection against hazardous contaminants in very demanding welding environments.

    On stock

    252 €

    210 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-28

    CA-28 Euromaski is designed for use with CleanAIR® PAPR units or CleanAIR® airline systems to protect respiratory tract, face and eyes against harmful ultraviolet/infrared radiation and welding spatters

    On stock

    234 €

    195 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-29 Evolve

    Represents ergonomic and lightweight flip-up combination of auto-darkening welding helmet and transparent protective visor

    On stock

    from 276 €

    from 230 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-40

    Safety helmet CA-40 with welding visor and with ADF V9-13

    On stock

    780 €

    650 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-40GW

    Safety helmet CA-40GW with welding and grinding shield,with ADF 9-13

    On stock

    768 €

    640 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-40G

    A combination of a grinding shield and safety helmet with an integrated air distribution system

    On stock

    372 €

    310 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR ARES II

    CleanAIR® ARES II is a heavy-duty leather welding hood incorporating easily removable safety helmet compatible with airline system CleanAIR® Pressure ARES

    On stock

    600 €

    500 € excl. VAT

  • CleanAIR CA-1

    Ultralight hood with superior breathing protection

    On stock

    84 €

    70 € excl. VAT



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