MASKILO DIN 9-13 ADC welding helmet

MASKILO DIN 9-13 ADC welding helmet

600 024 Auto-darkening helmet

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Producer: Evermatic

Automatic mask Maskilo ADC represents the latest ADC-technique which guarantees an even darkness level for the whole tape area without corner reflections in all welding positions.

Adjustments, darkness 9-13, sensitiveness and slow/fast restoring.

Maskilo ADC is suited to almost all welding methods: TIG, MIG/MAG, rod welding and gas welding/cutting. Maskilo ADC is equipped with a light cell so there's no battery changing.

Automatic mask Maskilo ADC is available air-conditioned, connected to a safety helmet or with hearing protectors.


  • ADC: angular dependence compensation –technique
  • Filter size in Maskilo automatic mask is 90x110mm
  • Welding darkness adjustable in Maskilo ADC from DIN 9 to DIN 13
  • Optical class 1/1/1/2
  • Good optical quality guarantees a bright and sharp vision for the work target
  • Easy to use and maintain


Technical specification auto.filter DIN 9-13 ADC
Light shade DIN 4
Welding shade DIN 9-13
Shade adjustment Yes / stepless
Energy supply Solar cells
Darkening time 0,00015s (23°C)
Clearing time 0,2 - 0,8s
UV/IR protection UV 15 / IR 14
Operation temperature -10°C - +55°C
Storage temperature -10°C - +40°C
TIG detection Good
Certification EN169 / EN379
Optical class 1/1/1/2
Warranty 2 years

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