Filter Shigematsu CA-ABEK1

Filter Shigematsu CA-ABEK1

Filter against organic gases and vapors with a boiling point above 65 ° C, against inorganic gases and vapors, against acid gases and vapors and also against ammonia and organic amines. Designed for masks and half masks STS Shigematsu. Price per package (package 2pcs).

13,20 € incl. VAT

11 €

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Producer: Shigematsu

Area of application:

hydrocarbons such as toluene, benzene, xylene, styrene, cyclohexane, trichlorethylene, organic carbon tetrachloride and diluents such as petrol, kerosene, diesel, mineral turpentine, ethylene glycol, methyl isobutyl ketone, isobutanol and others, inorganic gases and vapors such as fluorine, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride or hydrogen peroxide, acid gases and vapors eg: sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, formic acid, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia and organic amines eg: methylamine, ethylamine, dimethylamine

Typical industrial applications:

  • work with conventional colors
  • manufacture of transport equipment
  • manufacture and reconstruction of aircraft
  • shipbuilding
  • production and use of paints and anthracite
  • adhesive processing
  • rubber production and processing
  • acid cleaning
  • metalworking
  • metal etching
  • production and work with chemicals
  • manufacture and maintenance of refrigeration equipment


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