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    Roosterweld O-PAN blanket

    O-PAN welding blanket, short-term 1250°C black

    On stock

    from 42 €

    from 35 € excl. VAT

  • Roosterweld Fiberglass welding blanket

    Service Temperature: 550°C. Suitable for light welding and cutting work. Provide isolating protection from spatters, sparks and slags, temperature resistance, thermal insulation and anti-oxidation

    On stock

    from 15,60 €

    from 13 € excl. VAT

  • Roosterweld Vermiculate coating welding blanket

    Service Temperature: 750°C. Suitable for medium welding and cutting work. Provide abrasion, high temperature resistance, thermal insulation, anti-oxidation, isolating protection from mid-intensity spatters, sparks and slags. Withstand dense sparks.

    On stock

    from 36 €

    from 30 € excl. VAT

  • Roosterweld High Silica Fiberglass fabric

    Service Temperature: 1100°C. Suitable for heavy-duty welding and cutting work. Provide excellent heat preservation and thermal insulation (heat protection, heat insulation, do not burn and it is acid resistant). Welding & Cutting, molten metal splash protection, heat and flame shielding, stress relief. Hose and cable protection and under emergency can be used as fire blanket.

    On stock

    from 45,60 €

    from 38 € excl. VAT

  • Roosterweld Mica Compound welding blanket

    Instant impact temperature: 2000°C. Suitable for heavy-duty welding and cutting work. Provide top performing abrasion and extreme high temperature resistance, thermal insulation, anti-oxidation, isolating protection from high-intensity spatters, sparks and slags. It can effective withstand welding sparks and slags bumps up to 2000°C.

    On stock

    from 87,60 €

    from 73 € excl. VAT

  • Roosterweld Welding backing tape

    ROOSTERWELD Welding backing tape is a supportive tool that can improve welding technique and make the bottom welding joints more smooth after welding operation. The products are mostly made of the two-side aluminum tape and high temperature resistant Fiberglass Fabric Tape. It is very soft to perfectly fit the bottom of the joints. The welding backing tape comes packed in different length...

    On stock

    from 150 €

    from 125 € excl. VAT

  • Roosterweld Welding umbrella

    Diameter 2000mm. Welding umbrella is made of a fire retardant fabric that protects welders and other workers from potential hazards caused by flying sparks and spatters. It is light-weight, fire and water resistant and prevents corrosion. In addition it also protects workers from sun, wind rain,… and creates a safe, clean and effective working environment.

    On stock

    318 €

    265 € excl. VAT

  • Roosterweld Welding pillow

    Welding pillow is the most useful tool when performing kneeling and seated welding operations. It is very soft and comfortable and providing a thermal radiation resistance and is abrasion approved.

    On stock

    138 €

    115 € excl. VAT


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