Roosterweld Welding backing tape

Roosterweld Welding backing tape

ROOSTERWELD Welding backing tape is a supportive tool that can improve welding technique and make the bottom welding joints more smooth after welding operation. The products are mostly made of the two-side aluminum tape and high temperature resistant Fiberglass Fabric Tape. It is very soft to perfectly fit the bottom of the joints. The welding backing tape comes packed in different length rolls, so that it can be freely cut, according to required length and allows split joint to shape forms.

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125 €

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Producer: Roosterweld


The welding backing tape is suitable for the structural steel welding, stainless steel welding,... Suggested weldment root face from 0-1mm, welding gap between 1-3mm. The weldment is suggested to be removed while material is still warm after welding operation.


Special Characteristics:

  • Material: Fiberglass fabric tape and two-side aluminum tape
  • Service temperature: 550°C
  • Aluminum & Backing tape width: 120mm/29mm or 130mm/38mm
  • Role length: 10m or 30m

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