81 00 00 PA Powered air purifying respirators

480 € incl. VAT

400 €

Producer: CleanAIR

CleanAir Basic EVO is an Electric-motor-driven, battery-powered fresh air unit. It is approved for use with Evermatic PAPR helmets and lightweight CA facepieces.

The unit is eqquiped with a type P3 filter that effectively removes air-borne impurities and delivers filtered air into welder´s headpiece. The P3 filter is effective against solids and liquids, including dust, mist, welding fumes, microoragnisms and radioactive particles.

A blower provides a flow of air that helps to keep the welder cool, even in hot conditions, and prevents the welding filter from misting. The blower is worn on the waist using a padded belt, large in width for great support and added comfort. A fresh air unit guarantees a high level of protection, even in demanding environments.

  • Weight: 880 g
  • Easy to use
  • Two airflow modes: TURBO (210 l/min) and ECO (170 l/min)
  • Filter type: PSL
  • Filter efficiency: 99,998
  • Noisiness: max. 70dB
  • Battery:  Li-Ion 7,2V/4,4Ah
  • Operation time 10 hours pre charge depending on the mode
  • Certified to EN 12941 TH3


Includes: CA Basic EVO, battery, hose, support belt, charger with connector for EUR, UK, US, AUS, Filter P R SL


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