Optrel Swiss Air
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 Optrel Swiss Air (EN)


Technical description:

  • The revolutionary Optrel Swiss Air filter unit reliably filters out 99.8% of all harmful particles, aerosols, vapors, smoke and viruses
  • It completely covers the mouth and nose area and protects your airways at the highest TH3 level
  • Particle filter TH3 = filtration of 99.8% of pollutants
  • Continuously adjustable air flow 100 - 130 l / min
  • 14-hour battery life
  • Automatic compensation of altitude and temperature
  • Breathing support
  • It meets the highest requirements for professional respiratory protection systems
  • The mask is made of POM (polyoxymethylene), ripstop textile (98% polyester and 2% polyurethane) and non-flammable polyurethane foam. The exhalation valve contains a silicone membrane

Breathing unit with automatic air flow calibration

  • Continuous air flow regulation for maximum work comfort 100 - 130 l / min. All levels have automatic air flow regulation
  • The levels are set directly on the blower and can be continuously adjusted using the front control panel (level 1: min. 100 l / min, level 2: min. 115 l / min, level 3: min. 130 l / min)
  • Fan - high quality motor with ball bearings
  • Electronic fuse
  • Material: PA66 GF30,
  • Alarm: visual and audible for low/very low battery, clogged filter, no filter and low air flow
  • Low battery: alarm frequency 3.0s (1.5s on, 1.5s off)
  • Filter: alarm frequency 0.5s (0.25s on, 0.25s off)

Control panel for setting all functions centrally from the front

  • Provides an overview of filter contamination and battery status
  • Continuous control of the air flow and the possibility of switching ON/OFF
  • Automatic compensation of altitude and temperature

Powerful TH3 filter unit with an innovative ultra-flat design

  • A ventilated half-mask made of fire-resistant material fully covers the mouth and nose area
  • Positive pressure supports breathing and reduces fatigue
  • Light and comfortable to carry, highly efficient in use
  • Ergonomic and narrow (48 mm) blower unit with automatic air flow calibration and 14h. high-performance battery for a continuous working day

Comfort when wearing Optrel Swiss Air filter ventilation

  • Shoulder strap for ergonomically perfect weight distribution of the super light filter system (only 550 g)
  • Continuously adjustable fastening for all sizes from XS to XL
  • Y-hose with adjustable neck strap and flexible hose elements directs air directly into the half mask

Areas of use:

  • Metal processing - grinding, welding, plasma cutting, preparatory work,
  • Working with wood,
  • Automobile industry,
  • Building industry,
  • Chemical industry,
  • Refrigeration industry,
  • Food industry,
  • Laboratories, pharmacy,
  • Healthcare

What standards does Optrel Swiss Air meet?

  • EN 12941
  • Europe: TH3
  • Australia: P3
  • AS/NZS 1716
  • EAC TP TC 019/2011
  • Notified body (exam): CE 1024

Technical parameters:

  • Weight: filter unit 550 g / Total system 1,200 g
  • Use: Professional
  • Protection: TH3 (EN 12941)
  • Flow: 100 - 130 l/min
  • Noise level: max. 70dbA
  • Unit dimensions: 250 x 170 x 50 mm
  • Battery life: 14 hours

Optrel SWISS AIR package contents:

  • Comfortable half mask
  • Blower unit with hose
  • Filter TH3P R SL
  • Head and neck strap
  • Shoulder harness
  • Control panel
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Backpack Optrel
  • Charging cable
  • Manual
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Optrel Swiss Air
Optrel Swiss Air

1500 €

1250 € excl. VAT

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