Welding set CA-27 YOGA X110 true colour, 9-13 + CleanAIR Basic EVO


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Welding set CA-27 YOGA X110 true colour, 9-13 + CleanAIR Basic EVO


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Producer: CleanAIR


Description CA-27 YOGA:

The AerTEC® YOGA represents a high-quality welding helmet for the price you can afford. The new YOGA concept uses a lightweight though durable welding shield in combination with high-quality auto-darkening filter X110 true colour, 9-13. This solution is suitable for most of the welding methods including TIG, even with very low welding currents.


Areas of application CA-27 YOGA:

Suitable for most of welding methods.


Features & Benefits CA-27 YOGA:

  • Advantageous price/performance ratio
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Enlarged viewing area 100×53 mm
  • Continuously adjustable shade 9–13
  • The wide range of adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Individual delay settings
  • Grinding mode
  • Compatible with wide range of CleanAIR® respirators


Technical specification welding auto-darkening filter (ADF) AerTEC™ X110 true colour, 9-13:

  • True colour  Yes
  • Product code 40 51 10
  • Standards EN 379
  • Optical classes 1/1/1/2
  • Cartridge size 110 x 90 x 9 mm
  • Viewing area 100 x 53 mm
  • Weight 120 g
  • Arc sensors number 4
  • Open state shade 4
  • Closed state shade 9- 13
  • Shade adjustment yes, Internal
  • Sensitivity adjustment yes, Internal
  • Delay adjustment yes, Internal
  • Grinding mode yes, Internal
  • Switching time light to dark 0,03 ms
  • Switching time dark to light 0,1- 1,0 s
  • UV/IR protection UV 16/ IR 16
  • Power supply CR2032+ solar cell
  • Low battery indication yes
  • TIG recognition Enhanced
  • Working temeratures -10°C + 60°C
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Storage conditions -10 °C to + 55 °C, humidity 20- 95% RH
  • Operating conditions +0 °C to + 60, humidity 20- 95% RH



ADF options

New AerTEC™ auto-darkening welding filters offer a great price-performance ratio. Advanced control options including shade, sensitivity and delay adjustment and grind/weld function are available. Wide field of vision thanks to the enlarged lens with True Colour feature (AerTEC™ X110) alowing realiastic colour perception.


Description CA BASIC:
CleanAir Basic EVO is an Electric-motor-driven, battery-powered fresh air unit. It is approved for use with Evermatic PAPR helmets and lightweight CA facepieces.
The unit is eqquiped with a type P3 filter that effectively removes air-borne impurities and delivers filtered air into welder´s headpiece. The P3 filter is effective against solids and liquids, including dust, mist, welding fumes, microoragnisms and radioactive particles.
A blower provides a flow of air that helps to keep the welder cool, even in hot conditions, and prevents the welding filter from misting. The blower is worn on the waist using a padded belt, large in width for great support and added comfort. A fresh air unit guarantees a high level of protection, even in demanding environments.


Technical data CA BASIC:

  • Air flow – adjustable 170–240 lpm
  • Operation time Up to 10 hours
  • Charging time 4–5 hours
  • Weight 880 g (including battery)
  • Noisiness max. 70 dB
  • Dimensions 191 mm / 173 mm / 104 mm
  • Battery Li-Ion 7,2 V / 4,4 Ah
  • Certification EN 12941 TH3


cleanair yoga  ca-27



  • CA Basic EVO
  • battery
  • Flow indicator
  • support standard belt
  • charger with connector for EUR, UK, US, AUS
  • Filter P R SL
  • Light fl exi hose (QuickLOCK™ - CA40x1/7")
  • Welding helmet CA-27 YOGA with filter AerTEC™ X110 true colour, 9-13 , incl. air distribution
  • CleanAIR® duffel bag
  • MIG/MAG welding gloves
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Welding set CA-27 YOGA X110 true colour, 9-13 + CleanAIR Basic EVO
Welding set CA-27 YOGA X110 true colour, 9-13 + CleanAIR Basic EVO

780 €

650 € excl. VAT

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