CleanAIR Conditioner

CleanAIR Conditioner

Ideal solution for workplaces with the possibility of connecting to a central compressed air distribution system or a compressor

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400 €

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Producer: CleanAIR


The filter station provides additional filtration of compressed air everywhere the quality of the supplied air does not reach the requirements of regulation EN 12021. The high capacity combined filter inside the conditioner removes solid particles, oil mist and unpleasant odours that can be present in the compressed air distribution system. The conditioner can supply sufficient amount of filtered air for two workers at the same time.


Areas of application:

Automotive industry – welding, grinding, surface finishing operations, heavy industrial environments, chemical industry, laboratories.


Features & Benefits:

  • Low weight
  • Economical operation
  • High levels of airflow


Technical data:

  • Weight 6,80 kg
  • Dimensions 240 / 380 / 220 mm
  • Inlet pressure 300 – 1 000 kPa
  • Connection compatible with RECTUS 25, 26 and CEJN 320 1× inlet, 2× outlet


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